Specialty Turkish Coffee Consulting

Turgay YILDIZLI has worked as a roaster, barista and freelance consultant in the coffee industry for several years. He currently offers
Turkish Coffee consulting services to companies and individuals around the world.

Some of the available services include:

  • Help in selecting appropriate green beans
  • Developing Turkish Coffee roast profiles
  • Improving quality of the coffee served
  • Advanced Turkish Coffee brewing techniques
  • Training in choosing and using the proper equipment for Turkish Coffee
  • Developing a menu to include Turkish Coffee
  • Designing Turkish Coffee signature beverages

We can also provide lectures, presentations for events, workshops, etc.

If you are interested in hiring Turgay YILDIZLI as a consultant or any other services related to Turkish Coffee for you or your business,
please contact us at +1 (985) 326-1973 or e-mail us for more information.