My coffee journey began as a young boy introduced to home espresso by my father and Turkish Coffee (Cezve/Ibrik coffee) by my mother. When I was young they would buy freshly roasted beans and grind them at home, each had their favorite roaster and they used different grinding methods. As times changed this fell out of common practice in Turkey as well as in the Middle East and Eastern Europe where pre ground ready coffee became the norm. The tastes of bitterness and over extraction that most people associate with Turkish coffee are a result of the use of inferior quality pre ground coffee and flawed brew techniques. Through this website I hope to introduce people to how wonderful Specialty Turkish Coffee can be.

One man’s mission to revolutionize Turkish coffee

Although specialty coffee has revived a variety of classic brew methods, from the vacuum pot to the Chemex, Turkish coffee has been largely overlooked. In fact, some coffee experts have gone so far as to say that it is impossible to brew a proper cup of Turkish coffee.

The Championship ISTANBUL, TURKEY

Part TED talk, part ‘Best in Show’, the Cezve/Ibrik Championship is an annual coffee conference that draws competitors from around the globe to Istanbul

Your New World Ibrik Champion Is Turgay Yildizli!

Dateline: Istanbul, where just last week the incomparable Turgay Yildizli was crowned as your new 2014 World Cezve Ibrik Champion! Mr. Yildizli placed first out of nine countries total, in a competition that matched competitors from around the world in a display of mastery over the “Turkish coffee” Cezve / Ibrik brewing style.

A Look Back at the WCE’s Cezve/Ibrik Championship In Istanbul

… But for now, let us celebrate the fifth annual Cezve/Ibrik Championship, which took place last month in Istanbul, Turkey. The event featured nine finalists, each representing a different country. Similarly, the coffees used varied from origins and roasteries throughout the world, including some well-known North American and European specialty roasters.