Specialty Turkish Coffee / PREPARATION

(for one cup)

specialty coffee beans
it’s best to use light to
medium roasted fresh coffee.

weigh 7gr/0.25oz coffee
we recommend 1 to 10 ratio
of coffee to water.

grind your coffee finely
it should be between very fine
Turkish coffee and espresso grind size

add freshly ground coffee
to the Turkish coffee pot

slowly pour 70gr / 2.5oz of
60°C / 140°F water * in to the
pot over the coffee grounds

a second option would be
to measure the water using
your Turkish coffee cup

* if you are adding
any other ingredients do it now
we prefer our Turkish coffee plain

stir the coffee-water mixture
well with a wooden paddle
agitation prevents clumbs in the
slurry and promotes even extraction

place the coffee pot over the heat source
adjust heat source to obtain optimal brew time
do not agitate during brewing

total brew should be around 2-2½ min.
watch carefully, when the foam begins to rise towards the rim but before the coffee boils, remove it from the heat

hold the cup at an angle to
help retain the foam
pour slowly in to the cup

serve with a glass of water and a sweet
allow the coffee to settle
1 to 2 minutes before enjoying,
be careful not to drink the settled grounds

* 60°C / 140°F temperature water is preferable, however room temperature water can be used to good results as long as brew time is held to 2 – 2½ minutes.